Hi! I served a mission in the Sweden Stockholm mission several years ago and am now married to a returned missionary and starting a family.

Please share this blog with others so we can help as many future missionaries as possible. Feel free to add your own advice. I hope this can help many young people preparing to go on a mission, but most specifically, sisters.

Have fun and let me know if you have any questions or any post ideas!

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Advice from a 6-month-old missionary

More advice from my missionary sister! (To read her Live from the MTC advice, click here.)

So it's been six months and five days since I left home to go on what's been THE neatest adventure of my life!

... it's in Idaho, yes. But still an adventure nonetheless! How could being part of the hastening of the work be anything less?
And in the last six months, I've gathered some information that has seemed pretty useful, so I thought I'd pass it on to the world via my sister dearest.

1) Study Preach My Gospel. Study Preach My Gospel. Study Preach My Gospel.
I can't say it enough. Seriously. This stuff is scripture. It's revelation from God to convert both us, the missionaries, and the rest of the world! Use it in everyday life, because it applies to everyday life! And do *not* skip over the scriptures, especially the Bible Dictionary ones. Those are super valuable.

2) Find scriptures by topic (faith, repentance, prophets, etc) that explain what they are really simply and shortly. Write them down on a sticky note in the back of your scriptures for quick reference. You'll start to memorize these as you use them, but for now... it's WAY useful.

3) Don't be afraid to be yourself! You're put where you are because your unique personality will stand out to or connect with someone else. Plus, people can tell when you're being fake. It impresses no one. Realness makes them open up, which helps you know their needs, which helps you help them come unto Christ! Let them get to know you and learn to trust you!

4) Learn how to listen. Don't think about the dog chewing on your bag. Don't worry about how you're going to fit in a scripture or end right on time. When they're talking, listen to what they're saying, what they're implying, and what the spirit is telling you they need to hear. The lesson is not about you learning how to teach, it's about them and their needs, and helping them come closer to God.

5) It's okay to be scared. Everybody is. It's scary talking to strangers, eating with strangers, sharing what's most important to you with strangers. It's scary moving to some seemingly random place and being expected to actively be a part of a life you've never experienced before. But the fear passes. You learn to trust in the Lord, in your companions, and in yourself. You learn that you can do hard things. And people understand and relate to your fear most of the time, anyway!

6) Love your companion! Your companion is your one ally. (Besides your Heavenly Father, of course.) Do everything you can to make that relationship a good one. Be open. Be honest. And be kind. You'll notice little things that will be annoying sometimes, but get over it. Everyone does little things like that. Find ways to serve them and express appreciation for them. Point out their strengths. Be humble enough to let them help with your weaknesses. They can become your family in the field if you let them.

7) Love your peeps! The only way you'll be willing to work hard for these people and consider their needs is if you care about them. If you're struggling in the work, it's because you don't love the people enough. So pray for help to love them, because loving people is hard!
Well, that's my 7 bits of knowledge. Hope it helps! Keep moving forward and remember that this is God's work and he will not let you fail!

Work hard, Pray hard, Play hard!

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  1. I really appreciate #5. I'm very nervous and scared but this totally made me feel better and ease some of the nerves. Thanks so much for posting this advice, I really love reading this blog!