Hi! I served a mission in the Sweden Stockholm mission several years ago and am now married to a returned missionary and starting a family.

Please share this blog with others so we can help as many future missionaries as possible. Feel free to add your own advice. I hope this can help many young people preparing to go on a mission, but most specifically, sisters.

Have fun and let me know if you have any questions or any post ideas!

Mormon Messages


Missionary power

A few days ago, my family and I moved. Again. We move a lot for my husband's job. Anyways, when the sister missionaries in our ward found out we were moving, they offered to come help me pack. This really meant a lot to me. My husband works a lot and we are thousands of miles away from family and most of our friends. They came over for about an hour and a half and helped pack up the kitchen and the kids' clothes. They helped us pack, yes, but more than that, they brought such a wonderful Spirit into our home. It just gave me such hope and such peace that everything would work out. Missionaries can be so powerful. Never forget that. We try to keep the Spirit in our home with appropriate media, scripture study, prayer, etc, but I don't think there's anything quite like the power of a full-time missionary. As a representative of Jesus Christ, you'll spread His light wherever you go.

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